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In the Beginning

When The idea for housing first came up it was in the early 2000's. My husband worked for The State of Nevada and told me that they were in dire need of housing for their mentally ill clients. Without knowing what I was getting myself into, exactly, I pushed forward. As we got started there was a lot to learn and no formal training available.

It was truly a trial by error learning curve and believe it or not.... we had success! The basis of our housing is quite simple. We care for our residents as if they are family. What does that look like you may ask?

Meeting the needs of a human being is sometimes a daunting task. Every person is different as we all have been told. When I embarked on my adventure, I had no idea how well I would find this out! To answer the question, it looks like many different things because we do more than just "house" people (In my next blog I will explain a little further).

As I am writing this, I have received a phone call from two older women (69 and 55) that are living under a local bridge here in Carson City. They have no place to go and limited income. The heartbreaking reality is that we have many, many more that I do not even know about! We have 12 houses and only room for so many. Sometimes we place people on a couch just to insure they have a roof over their heads. As we move into the cooler weather and winter is on the horizon this task becomes more challenging.

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