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When age is really just a number!

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

We have one of the most interesting women you can ever meet living in one of our homes right now! She is 85 and acts, in most ways, like a teenager. The first time we met she was arrested for a car violation. It was something like her car insurance or registration was lapsed (for a long time). When one of our Judges found out she told the officers to release her immediately as she did not belong in jail. The officers were already taking very good care of her by the way-according to our lady- they gave her coffee and not one mattress but two to sleep on! The holding cell is not the Ritz on any given day but to hear her talk about it she was just as happy!

Come to find out our little lady was living in her car for many, many years. She would heat her soup up by setting it on the dashboard of her car. She never washed her clothes, so she just threw out the dirty ones and bought new each month. She really never showered much so that makes some sense, right?

She is so bright and has quite the mouth on her as well! The other day we asked her to please take a shower as it had been weeks since she had one. She refused, so I called our local law enforcement team that works with us all the time. She absolutely loves law enforcement which is why I tried this tactic. They were able to encourage her to shower, which she did later, and with that done she then made a remark to one of the officers that brought a blush to his face and lead him to tell me that he was happy to "take one" for the team!

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