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Learn About Spirit Of Hope

Learn more about Spirt of Hope, our mission, vision and our team. 

What Is Spirt of Hope?

Spirit of Hope is a local 501 c3 nonprofit which has been providing housing for housing insecure people in the Carson community since 2010. Spirit of Hope is the only agency providing these unique services which are critical to the Carson City community. 

Spirit of Hope addresses homelessness through a model of care based on the housing-first philosophy—that without safe and supportive environments in which to live, the homeless cannot pull themselves out of the depths that led them there in the first place. 

After an intake process each qualifying homeless candidate is placed in a home designed to be more than just a clean and safe place to live, but to feel like a family environment. Each home celebrates milestones together, treats each resident individually and addresses their most critical needs, and are most often led by one resident that steps up to take a leadership role. This is why Carson City social service agencies and the court system seek out Spirit of Hope homes to place their most difficult clients. In a true home environment, even difficult clients will often decide to address destructive behaviors and begin to improve their lives.

Support Our Mission

Help support Spirit of Hope with item, monetary or time donations. Every little bit helps us accomplish our mission.

Meet Our Team

About Our Founder

Ellen Jackson, founder and executive director of Spirit of Hope, grew up in Tonopah NV. As a young woman, she worked as a model in New York City, Paris, and Italy before moving to Los Angeles. She then relocated to Carson City, Nevada and was married in 1993 to James. As a couple they moved to Nashville, Tennessee where she managed and booked Christian artists until 2004. With three small children she then relocated back to Carson City where later she and James adopted 5 children making their household a very busy one.

Ellen started a private company serving the homeless in Carson City from 2004 – 2006, taking some time off to raise 8 children.  In 2010 she founded Spirit of Hope Inc. a 501 c (3) nonprofit with a mission of using a “housing first” model to address the needs of homeless individuals facing mental, physical and addiction challenges.

Spirit of Hope has grown substantially every year, and in 2022 operates thirteen homes, housing approximately 55 men and women in neighborhoods throughout Carson City. Ellen’s 12 years of experience working directly with homeless individuals allows her to lead Spirit of Hope with confidence and compassion.  She is a treasured resource to both Spirit of Hope’s clients and all of Carson City’s human services organizations.

Our Amazing Supporters

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