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Happy Easter!

I have been wondering whose story I would tell you about next here at SOH. We have so many wonderful stories to tell. We have a little 86-year old lady that came to us several months ago. She was homeless and had been living in her car. We first met through one of our Judges here in town. After we tried to house her the first time over a year ago, she decided that living in her car was for the best and she took off! A few months ago, she reached out to me and asked if she could come back. She had lost her car and had no place to live.

She is a tiny little lady that wears dark lipstick. She reminds me of Betty Boop when she wears the color red! She can be cranky, stubborn, feisty and downright mean at times. She eats her roommate's food and loves a good old-fashioned stick of butter! She won't shower that often because she is used to sponge baths having lived in a car. Baby powder is her friend (she gets it everywhere). She takes off every morning and does not come back until dinner time. She heads to the casino sometimes and drinks a beer-even though she does not like them. She got drunk (two beers) one time and could not walk home. I had to come and get her after the Sheriff was called. She thought I would ask her to leave, but I just could not do it. I reminded her of our rules at home which includes NO DRINKING!

She will tell you that she has earned the right to behave this way because she is old.... I am letting her...within reason of course. ;o)

We pray that you all enjoy this Easter season and remember why we celebrate!

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Ellen, I had no idea when I was moved to donate to your project through a small informational ad in the Appeal, what a tireless effort you have provided to our homeless and elderly residents in need. Your inspiring example compels me to offer any of my time and resources to your needs, and answers my prayers for a meaningful way to show gratitude for my many blessings and opportunity of free time. As I wait to connect with you in our continued phone tag, I wanted to document that your efforts to recruit support worked, your outreach found a heart and spirit eager to assist you however my experience has prepared me. I will continue to try and re…

Ellen Jackson
Ellen Jackson
13 dec. 2023
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Hello Charolotte,

I am so sorry that I am just now responding to your commments. As of last April one of my sons was diagnosed with a very rare form of bone cancer. After surgeries(brain tumor) and chemo and radiation he decided to not go any further with treatments. We lost him November 9th and to say it has been horrible is putting it mildly. He was just 21 years old.

I am so very blessed to read your post about my blog. I write to help me process stress and feeling overwhelmed with all of the needs in our community. What you said just made my morning Charlotte! I would love any help that you could give to …

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