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Merry Christmas!

Spirit of Hope has been in full swing since the beginning of December for this Christmas Season. We have been busy collecting Christmas gifts for all of our sixty (60) residents. We have also been placing people on couches just to keep up with the demands here in Northern Nevada.

Just today we placed an older couple (husband is a veteran) into one of our homes. They have been living in their car for one year. They did not qualify for HUD (make too much money), and they did not make enough for the rent here in town. Apartments here in Carson City have raised their prices by $200.00 dollars just this month alone!

As you move through this season of giving, please keep in mind all of those that are surely in need not only of your gifts financially but the gifts of your time! I believe the time we give is priceless!

We are blessed here at Spirit of Hope, and I am praying for all of you to be blessed as well! Thank you for your continued support!

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