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Another couple of weeks has passed here at Spirit of Hope (SOH) and we are officially in the Fall season. I find myself reflecting on all that has happened this year from the last. I take points in time as a reference and then take some time to think about where we have been and how far we have come.

Every day is honestly an adventure. We work with many, many people each day of every year. They all have their stories to tell, and most are quite grim. From the 83-year-old lady living out of her car and heating up her soup on the dashboard in the sun and the 18-year-old that aged out of the foster care system and has no family or home to the 40-year-old that has had drug and alcohol issues for the past twenty years and still struggles to become clean and sober. These are just some of the people who end up on our doorstep and of whom we will gladly take in if we have the room.

How do we help so many people? The best and quickest answer is one person at a time!

We are planning on opening two more homes the beginning of this next year in 2023. Please keep us in mind and keep those prayers and donations coming! As we continue to move forward, we will have more stories to share with you and I am praying that you find they bring you Hope for this race we call HUMAN.

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