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When a Bridge is your Home!

Remember when I talked about the phone call I got regarding the two women living under a bridge? Well, Friday, September 9th I was able to meet one of those ladies. We met on a street corner in town, and I was amazed at how tiny she was. She is only

4'5-inches tall and she is 69 years old.

Once I got her into my van, we headed out to get her belongings. For the past month or so she had been living under a spillway bridge much like the picture above-minus the water; Thankfully for her we have been in such a horrible drought there was nothing but sand for her to lie on each night. When we arrived, I literally had to get down on my knees to just get under the bridge it was so small! When I did, I was so surprised to see that her items were neat and orderly and in impeccable condition! (Most people do not live like that when on the streets). I found out that the other woman she was with was able to get a home earlier so other than a few "left behind" items from others she had only three little bags. I wondered how she liked being by herself since her friend had gone and she said that she did not mind being alone, that she was most of her life (She never married or had any children).

Since there was "No room in the Inn" of Spirit of Hope. We placed her on a couch and will eventually move her into a room as soon as one becomes available. It truly was another happy ending for our week.

**I simply cannot describe adequately enough how it felt to "rescue" a human being like that. Usually, people rescue dogs and cats and other animals. To rescue a Human is quite a different emotion.

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