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Frequently Asked


Interested in learning how Spirt of Hope helps the homeless? Take a look at our FAQ below! 

  • What is the mission of Spirit of Hope?
    It is our quest to recognize significant and important needs in society and to be a catalyst of change. Spirit of Hope believes that purposeful acts of kindness can remove despair and replace it with hope. It is our mission to restore faith and confidence in others so they have the will and means to live a safe, independent, and meaningful life
  • What is the philosophy of Spirit of Hope?
    The men and women we serve have all experienced hardships and victories. Many individuals find themselves lacking the natural supports to help meet his/her basic needs. Spirit of Hope feels a deep responsibility to help meet the “unmet” needs in society and to serve the underprivileged. We come alongside those we serve to ensure individual goals and objectives are met. Spirit of Hope operates from the basis of charity and determination to build upon the strengths and weaknesses of those with mental illness and other disabilities. Spirit of Hope has an ethical duty and obligation to advocate and support those individuals in need; the principles we feel are acceptable by each individual.
  • What is the vision of Spirit of Hope?
    Since 2010 Spirit of Hope has been serving the needs of men and women in Carson City, Nevada. We are here to ensure more men and women with mental illness and other disabilities get the housing and attention they both desire and need. We make certain our men and women have a clean and safe environment and we promote a healthy recovery for all forms of illness. We promote a healthy environment of communal living to ensure all the needs of our residents are met.
  • What is the history of Spirit of Hope?
    Spirit of Hope Inc is a 501 c 3 nonprofit established in 2010. Spirit of Hope provides affordable, clean, sober, and nurturing housing to low income people from all walks of life using a “housing first” approach to solving homelessness in our community. The housing we provide gives our clients a stable base from which to address the conditions in their life that resulted in them being housing insecure. Currently Spirit of Hope operates 9 rental homes and houses approximately 50 men and women in Carson City.
  • Where does Spirit of Hope get its funding?
    Spirit of Hope has been operating on a modest budget based on the rents collected from its residents. Rents are determined based on a percentage of their income; the base rent is $550.00 per month which includes utilities, cable, internet and wifi. In 2020 Spirit of Hope received its first grant from the City of Carson Community Development Block Grant and another from the CARES Grant related to Covid-19 relieve funding. Spirit of Hope is growing and expanding its presence in Carson City and fundraising activities.
  • How does Spirit of Hope decide on who lives in one of their homes?
    Most of the residents are referred from a local health agency or through the Carson court system. Spirit of Hope conducts an intake with each potential resident to ensure the individual is a good fit and physically and mentally able to reside in one of the homes. Spirit of Hope does not provide assisted living care therefore residents need to be able to maintain basic self-care day to day task such as showering, preparing their own food, taking medication, etc. There is no time line on how long someone can stay, this is not transitional housing.
  • Does Spirit of Hope accept donations?
    Yes! We always need donations. Learn more about what types of donations you can make.
  • Where is Spirit of Hope located?
    The Spirit of Hope office is located at 411 N. Division Street, Carson City, NV 89703.
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